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The Award

RLA trophy.png

Since 1970, this 40-pound block of Texas pink granite has been a leader in the fight against cancer and is a legacy of Vince Lombardi.


This simple, yet evocative, granite  stone  has  come  to symbolize excellence on the fields of college football, as well  as the spirit, drive, energy and greatness of Vince Lombardi.


The granite trophy honors the memory of the legendary figure who molded men into winners on and off the field and inspires the participation of millions in an effort that supports cancer research. 

The Award represents several significant events in the life of Vince Lombardi. It was designed to symbolize desire, courage, and discipline. The job of capturing these elements into a meaningful graphic fell to Houston Rotarian and professional artist, Mark Storm. The selection of a piece of granite as the centerpiece was natural, due to Lombardi's first claim to fame as one of Fordham University's famous line, close examination reveals a "not perfect" cube. The block "leans a little -like a football lineman in his stance --ready for action". Even the decision to polish the granite was with purpose. It represents the complete football player; the product of intense training --good coaching —dedication to duty —discipline. 


This overall design is the same today as it was when the granite trophy was first presented in January 1971. The Rotary Lombardi Award® and the Heisman Memorial Trophy are the only two college football awards of this lineage whose winners have all received the same hardware.


The trophy remains an enduring symbol of strength and will of the original idea and its mission.

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