Event Committee

 General Chair

A. David Schwarz III


Honorary Chair

Jerry Kramer

Secretary Treasurer

Mark Enis


Fundraising Co-Chairs

Sherry Menger

Rhonda Walls Kerby


Program Chair

Don Kobos

Randy Lowry


Selection Committee Chair

Karen Sotallaro


Public Relations Chair

Dorothy Beeler


Logistics Chair

Brandon Cofield, Sr. 

Trophy Chair

Jack Titus Jr.


Voting Chair

David Pincus

College Football Liaison

Thomas Vann


Souvenir Program Co-Chairs

Scott Bruno

Bob Gebhard


Special Projects

Sally Andrews


Honorary Committee Chair

Vicki Brentin


Auction Chair

Hector Villareal

President Rotary Club of Houston 2021-2022

Richard C. Meek


President of the Rotary Club of Houston Foundation 2021-2022

Richard R. Olsen


Rotary 5890 District Governor 2021-2022

Michelle Bohreer


Lombardi Family Members

Steve Werner

William "Bill" Lombardi

Michelle Zwicky

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Created and Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Houston
Honoring the College Football Lineman of the Year